Why a Camera Inspection Is a Good Idea

Over the years technology has increased for plumbing making things much smarter, easier, and more precise.


Camera detection equipment is one these new technologies that has risen and really benefited the plumbing industry. A camera inspection is simple but effective, a small camera on a long cord is inserted into the pipes and fed through until the blockage is visible. These blockages can vary from many different things such as tree roots or collapsed pipes. Having the camera to see what it is first hand can benefit the homeowner and plumber.

A possible recording of what the camera head sees in the drains is burned on a cd for the homeowner to see first hand. These cameras have allowed for precise measurements on how far the clog or blockage is which can save the plumber from digging up any pipe that doesn’t need to be dug which allows for a better price for the homeowner and thats a win win! Diamondback Plumbing uses camera inspection regularly and our technicians are on call and ready for your plumbing needs.


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