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How Tree Roots Can Cause Damage to Sewer Pipes

It is nice to have lots of nice big trees in one’s yard or business can look great but they can end up being your worst enemy. Tree roots are a main issue with plumbing and always have been. A tree’s root system can stretch far more than the width of the tree. Large developed trees can […]

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Toilet Plunger Guide

Ever see different types of plungers and what their primary purpose is for? Did you know that there are two main types of plungers and different techniques to make the plunging effective for each application. Basically there are two types of plungers available: 1. Bell Plunger – Toilets 2. Cup Plunger – Sinks and Showers In […]

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Phoenix, AZ Slab Leak Repairs & Leak Detection

Notice cracking or popping sounds, warm spots on your floor or notice weak water pressure? You may have a slab leak! A slab leak can cause major damage to your home or business and needs to be located and repaired quickly as possible. They often develop over time and go unnoticed and time is of […]

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Vactor Truck Services

At Diamondback Plumbing, our professional Vactor Truck services have helped a variety of customers of different sizes ranging from small residential HOA’s to large city contracts with the most challenging of problems and situations. Our experienced plumbers work in a variety of challenging environments with obstructions, emergency spills and complicated on-site restrictions. Our Vactor truck services are administered by […]

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Cast Iron Pipe Replacement Scams

Cast iron plumbing repairs and problems to look out for with cast iron pipes in older homes. Unfortunately there are some dishonest plumbing companies that take advantage of people that have cast iron pipes who will recommend that they replace all of the pipes even if they are functioning properly. The older the home you […]

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Cutting Down Your Water Bill

Is your water bill too high? Want to lower the bill? Bringing the family together and talking about proper water usage as explained below can help for any household. Let’s talk about a few major factors of water usage and how they can be changed. Toilets Toilets are usually the top water waster in a household. […]

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Tips For Preventing Clogs

No clog is a good clog, but the fact is that many clogs can be prevented! By having the right mindset and knowing what to put down the drain and what not put down the drain makes all the difference. What not to put down the sink Even though having a garbage disposal can help […]

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How To Spot A Leak

Leaks can happen all the way from a leaking faucet to a main underslab water leak. Many leaks can damage a home and be costly for a homeowner if not spotted right away! There are a few steps that can be followed to prevent a leak from turning into something serious make sure no water […]

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Why a Camera Inspection Is a Good Idea

Over the years technology has increased for plumbing making things much smarter, easier, and more precise. Camera detection equipment is one these new technologies that has risen and really benefited the plumbing industry. A camera inspection is simple but effective, a small camera on a long cord is inserted into the pipes and fed through until the […]

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