Do You Need A Repair Technician To Look At Your Furnace?

With the dropping temperatures, you find that you give more thought into your heating system. To avoid having to deal with a cold house, it is wise to keep an eye on your furnace and look out for warning signs that might indicate a problem with it and take the necessary actions before things get out of control. You might be able to perform some minor repairs if you have a little knowledge about the workings of a furnace but even if you do not, it does not hurt to spot potential problems early in advance and seek help. Here are a few signs that you can watch out for that will tell you when your furnace is sending out a cry for help.

Your furnace sounds like it is possessed

It is obvious that no furnace will be smoothly quiet. Nonetheless, it is not normal for your furnace to sound like a broken tractor. If your furnace is making noises that you expect to hear in a horror film, then it might be time to get some heating servicing. You might need to replace a failing component, sort an ignition problem, or replace a loose belt.

Cranking up the thermostat is not working anymore

When the house feels a little colder than usual, your first instinct is to increase the temperatures inside. Usually, this would mean bumping up the heat a little bit. However, this sometimes does not work. When this is not working, there could be a problem with the thermostat or pilot light. Leaking ducts may also be a real possibility.

Sky-high electricity bills

High electricity bills may signal an inefficient performance of your heating system. This could be leaking ducts or any other dozen problems. Unless you have a working knowledge of the heating system, you should call in a professional to diagnose the problem and recommend a solution.

Yellow pilot light

A yellow pilot light is usually an indication that the gas combination of your furnace is not working the way it should. This could mean the presence of problem gases such as carbon monoxide, which can cause fatalities. The light your pilot light should give you is blue.

Trouble starting your furnace

This problem could be cause by a dozen problems for example problem with a pilot light, broken fan motor, faulty thermostat, and faulty wiring. Simple identification and replacement or repair will solve this problem.

Poor air quality

If you notice an increase in breathing problems, allergies and other breathing related difficulties, you may want to check your furnace. A broken system may be polluting the air you breathe with molds, dust, and other irritants. This surely calls for repairs and you need to call a technician in to have a look at your furnace or it will cause your family a lot of discomfort and risk their health.

Cold house and misplaced ice

If you notice constant drafts in your house, it is usually a sign that your furnace can no longer manage to heat up your whole house and you should find a way to either fix or replace it. Chances are there are faulty parts that are making it underperform. The decreased efficiency can sorted by doing few repairs.

If you notice ice forming on your roof, it means that there is a heat leakage through your roof. Instead of the heat staying down in the living area where it should be, it is passing through the roof and being wasted. This could increase your power bills and bring mold problems. You should seek the help of a professional to diagnose the problem and recommend a solution.


Condensation on the inside of your windows may not necessarily mean that you need to do repairs, but it means that there is a problem and you should call in a specialist to have a look at your furnace for possible problems.

Your furnace is attempting to outlive some fossils

Furnaces have an average life of between 10 to 20 years. Most furnaces, however, are much older than this with some as old as 30 or 40 years. If you furnace is older than the upper limit of a standard furnace life, you should start making plans to replace it as soon as you can. At this age, your furnace is more of a hazard in your home than a useful tool.

More and more frequent repairs

if in the last two years you have called in for repairs for your furnace more than two times, then it might be time to start considering replacing it with a new one. Like cars, furnaces break down more often as they age requiring more and more repairs and replacement of parts. It might seem costly to buy a new furnace entirely but accumulating costs of the constant repairs might rake up to the roof, leaving you with no furnace eventually and a big hole in your pocket.