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Cutting Down Your Water Bill

Is your water bill too high? Want to lower the bill? Bringing the family together and talking about proper water usage, as explained below, can help for any household. Let’s talk about a few significant factors of water usage and how they can be changed. Toilets Toilets are usually the number one water waster in a… Read more »

Plumbing Maintenance Tips For The Savvy Homeowner

Human beings have had plumbing for centuries, and it has evolved over time. Today, homes enjoy hot and cold water supply whenever they want. The principles of this system are quite simple, provided you have a basic understanding of pressure and valves. However, when your plumbing fails, you have a serious problem. To solve a… Read more »

Pex Piping

The plumbing industry is constantly growing with new ideas and ways to get the job done. Over the years many pipes have been used for plumbing (abs, pvc, copper, etc.) Now plastic or (PEX) piping can be used in almost all plumbing applications. PEX plumbing pipe is increasingly growing in popularity as an alternative to… Read more »

What Not to Flush Down the Toilet

Although throwing things in the toilet and flushing them down may sound like a good way to dispose of something, toilets are designed to flush down toilet paper and that is about it. It is very common to come across a pipe blockage or a main back up from the wrong thing getting flushed down… Read more »

How to find out if you have a leak

While some leaks are obvious whether it may be a leaky faucet or toilet, many leaks are under ground or in the wall making them unseen. Water leaks can be anywhere from a dripping faucet to a water line breaking upstairs and flooding downstairs creating big issues. This can lead to wasted money on water… Read more »