Cleaning Your Shower Head


Ever get in the shower and notice the water spraying in different directions out of the shower head? Water pressure getting weaker? This is caused by hard water build up over time with sediments and/or debris getting stuck in the head and the filter. Maybe it’s time to clean your shower head.

This sometimes can be an easy fix with just a few steps
  • Dismantle the shower head, focusing on being careful with the components.
  • Once dismantled you can work your way around the parts cleaning out the buildup with a brush or whatever seems to work best.
  • If there is still debris in the shower head, a soak in vinegar should do the trick. The acid from the vinegar dissolves the sediment and deposits from the shower head without damaging the components.

It’s always recommended that a professional handles your plumbing situations. If your shower head continues to have issues feel free to call a professional at Diamondback Plumbing today!