Tips For Preventing Clogs

No clog is a good clog, but the fact is that many clogs can be prevented! By having the right mindset and knowing what and what not put down the drain makes all the difference.

What not to put down the sink

Even though having a garbage disposal can help flush things down the sink this doesn’t allow anything to be put in the sink. Garbage disposals can only handle so much. Watching what is being put in the sink can prevent any issues from arising. Kitchen sinks can be a active part of any home and many things can get put down them but stay away from  any types of grease or oil. Also vegetable peels and egg shells are a common sink clogger. Whenever dinner is done and all the food is flushed down the drain it never hurts to run some hot water for a minute or so to surely flush all bits down.


Watch what you flush

Keeping an eye on what you flush will help prevent a clog, remember it is only a toilet and not a trash can. Only human waste and toilet paper should be flushed. Hand towels and paper towels are common cloggers for the toilet. Also don’t overuse the toilet paper only use what is needed. If a clog of any kind arises that is out of your reach then call Diamondback Plumbing to get the plumbing clog fixed by a professional the right way.