Cutting Down Your Water Bill

Is your water bill too high? Want to lower the bill? Bringing the family together and talking about proper water usage as explained below can help for any household. Let’s talk about a few major factors of water usage and how they can be changed.


Toilets are usually the top water waster in a household. With some of the older toilets using 5 gallons or even up to 7 gallons changing your toilet can save you bucks for sure. Some of the new toilets can use more then less then these older toilets. The new low flow toilets can go as low as 1.28 GPF (gallons per flush). Imagine using more then 5 and a half gallons less per flush for everyone in your household.  Although some low flow toilets use so much less water that it doesn’t flush as well. Being aware of what is put down the toilet will help cause no issues. These tips for the toilets can drastically drop a homes water bill.


Showers/baths showerHead_Fotor

Over 15 percent of a households water usage is from showers. There are a few ways to help cut those numbers down and your water bill as well. One smart way of doing so is to install a low flow shower head. These shower heads depending on style and brand can use less then 1.9 GPM (gallons per minute) compared some shower heads using almost 3 GPM. Another way is to simply take quicker showers. This way isn’t always the most desirable but the fact is many people stay in the shower much longer then needed. Enlisting the whole family to cut down on their shower times can change the water usage greatly.


Believe it or not but the dishwasher is known to use less water then washing the dishes by hand. The best thing to do is to scrap off all the food after dinner and just throw the rest in the dishwasher and let it do the rest



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