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Phoenix slab leak repair servicesAre You Looking for a Slab Leak Repair Company?

Diamondback Plumbing has a well known reputation in the Phoenix Valley for slab leak repair due to providing superior plumbing services at reasonable prices. We have a solid reputation and much of our success has come from happy customers that keep coming back to Diamondback. All the work completed by Diamondback Plumbing is per UPC/IRC Code for residential plumbing.

Notice cracking or popping sounds, warm spots on your floor or notice weak water pressure? You may have a slab leak! A slab leak can cause major damage to your home or business and needs to be located and repaired quickly as possible. They often develop over time and go unnoticed and time is of the essence to have it fixed by a licensed and insured plumbing company so it does not do permanent damage to your home or business.

There are other ways to determine if you might have a slab leak, typically homes that were built before the 1970’s had iron piping and slab foundations.  Slab leaks also can be caused by piping that was laid incorrectly when the home was built and any slight movement in the foundation can cause the pipes to leak.


These cracks can stem from a variety of causes including;

  • high water pressure or water pressure surges
  • poor soldering or original piping
  • chemicals running through the pipe
  • Foundation movement
  • Kinked or damaged lines


Some clues that might suggest you have a slab leak;

  • increases or surges in your water bill
  • increases in your gas bill
  • sounds coming from the wall
  • water spots on the floor
  • wet carpet areas


We Offer Slab Leak Repair and Detection in the Greater Phoenix Metro Area

The location and severity of your slab leak will determine how long it will take to repair. In some cases, a simple leak that is relatively shallow in a crawlspace can be fixed in a half day. However for deeper, foundational links, the process can take upwards of 2–3 days to repair as concrete may need to be removed and pipes replaced.

Technology has come along way and it is now possible to determine the exact location of the slab leak before the work begins which allows the customer to save time and money.

Despite the slab leak problem, the good news is that most insurance companies cover slab leaks and will cover most if not all of the cost of the repairs. Call your homeowner or business insurance representative to confirm your coverage or our team of professionals can assist you with the breakdown of the repair costs.

If you have any questions about a potential slab leak and would like to talk with one of our Phoenix plumbing professionals, call Diamondback Plumbing today to schedule an estimate before the problem gets any worse.