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Pex Piping

The plumbing industry is constantly growing with new ideas and ways to get the job done. Over the years many pipes have been used for plumbing (abs, pvc, copper, etc.) Now plastic or (PEX) piping can be used in almost all plumbing applications. PEX plumbing pipe is increasingly growing in popularity as an alternative to […]

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Cutting Down Your Water Bill

Is your water bill too high? Want to lower the bill? Bringing the family together and talking about proper water usage as explained below can help for any household. Let’s talk about a few major factors of water usage and how they can be changed. Toilets Toilets are usually the top water waster in a household. […]

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Happy Holidays!

Have the holidays created any plumbing issues? Look no further, Diamondback Plumbing is your one stop shop for all plumbing needs. Serving Phoenix Arizona for over 20 years. Call us today (602) 674-3255 for a free estimate. Happy Holidays from Diamondback Plumbing! Thank you to all of our customers   We service all over the […]

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What Not to Flush Down the Toilet

Although throwing things in the toilet and flushing them down may sound like a good way to dispose of something, toilets are designed to flush down toilet paper and that is about it. It is very common to come across a pipe blockage or a main back up from the wrong thing getting flushed down […]

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How to find out if you have a leak

While some leaks are obvious whether it may be a leaky faucet or toilet, many leaks are under ground or in the wall making them unseen. Water leaks can be anywhere from a dripping faucet to a water line breaking upstairs and flooding downstairs creating big issues. This can lead to wasted money on water […]

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Tree Roots Causing Damage to Pipes

It is nice to have lots of nice big trees in one’s yard or business. They can look great but they can end up being your worst enemy. Tree roots are a main issue with plumbing and always have been. A tree’s root system can stretch far more than the width of the tree. Large developed trees […]

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Toilet Plunger Guide

Ever see different types of plungers and what their primary purpose is for? Did you know that there are two main types of plungers and different techniques to make the plunging effective for each application. Basically there are two types of plungers available: 1. Bell Plunger – Toilets 2. Cup Plunger – Sinks and Showers In […]

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Extend the Life of Your Hot Water Heater

Do you know how old your hot water heater is? Most hot water heaters can last up to 15 years or so if properly maintained. Water heaters are not cheap to replace. So most people want to make them last as long as they can and this depends on a few factors. What is the make and model […]

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Cast Iron Pipe Replacement Scams

Cast iron plumbing repairs and problems to look out for with cast iron pipes in older homes. Unfortunately there are some dishonest plumbing companies out there. They can take advantage of people that have cast iron pipes who will recommend that they replace all of the pipes even if they are functioning properly. The older […]

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Cleaning Your Shower Head

Ever get in the shower and notice the water spraying in different directions out of the shower head? Water pressure getting weaker? This is caused by hard water build up over time with sediments and/or debris getting stuck in the head and the filter. Maybe it’s time to clean your shower head. This sometimes can […]

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