Tree Roots Causing Damage to Pipes

It is nice to have lots of nice big trees in one’s yard or business. They can look great but they can end up being your worst enemy. Tree roots are a main issue with plumbing and always have been. A tree’s root system can stretch far more than the width of the tree. Large developed trees can be nice additions to landscapes that add beauty and shade. But their roots can be problematic causing damage to plumbing and sewer pipes.

root damage to piping
Root Growth in Sewer Pipe
Tree roots seek moisture, their roots will grow into small cracks and voids in pipes. The pipes containing water, oxygen and nutrients that the roots are drawn to. They will continue to grow eventually clogging up the circumference of the pipe.
These roots tend to go where the water goes and can literally grow throw the plumbing pipes. This can cause cracks and splits which means LEAKS. Nobody wants a leak and these roots can cause leaks one after another. Sometimes the root can grow so dense inside the pipe that it will completely fill the pipe causing a blockage.

Besides causing blockage, tree root damage to sewer pipes are one of the most expensive problems to fix for our business and homeowner customers. Tree roots on private property often are the cause of damage to public water systems and local communities.

Root Damage
Extreme Root Growth Removal in Sewer Pipe
If you ever have problems with tree roots invading your pipes, we recommend that you check your insurance policy to see what coverages are included in the policy. Typically most insurance policies cover work that is directly below the house and anything outside of this area is the responsible of the homeowner.

When sewer pipes release steam or leak water, it attracts tree roots to grow towards the weak link in the pipe (crack, loose joint or elbow) and is the perfect place for growth with a moisture rich environment. Once the tree roots start growing in the pipe, they will continue to grow with thin “grassy” root masses. These masses can cause major problems with the water flow by acting as a catch for tissue paper, grease, food, fats and other debris coming from the business or home.

Homeowners and business owners are ultimately responsible for vertical as well as lateral growth of their trees above and underground. When problems arise in main sewer lines which typically are located in the street, unfortunately it is too late.

A slow flowing drain is as common sign of root infestation or damage and will often be accompanied by gurgling sounds from their toilet bowl or sinks. If nothing is done over time, eventually the pipe will be completely clogged up and will end up costing a lot more than having the proper initial inspection and repairs done. It is better to have the root problem fixed when the problem first arises vs. having structural damage done of a collapsed pipe and needing complete replacement.

What action to take if you have damage to your pipes

Business and homeowners should be cautious when considering planting trees. Get an idea of where your sewer and water lines are.  It is also important to consider planting trees or bushes that don’t have strong root systems near these areas of plumbing.  It is better to be safe than sorry and consider hiring a plumber to do a video inspection of your pipes if you are having slow drain issues or hearing strange noises coming from your drains. Call Diamondback Plumbing at (602) 674-3255 to schedule a video camera inspection of your pipe. We have helped many homeowners over the years. Diamondback Plumbing never charged after hours, service or trip fees. Our prices remain the same regardless of the day, nights or weekends*. We carry out all work to the highest standards of workmanship at consistent and reasonable prices.

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