Why Water Softener Benefits Outweigh Its Cost

Proper access to water is one of the many necessities a home must have in order to be livable. The water itself is used for nearly everything, from drinking to cleaning to cooking. 

In many states and counties across the United States, homes are supplied with clean water from the city itself. More often than not, this water is considered soft water, but there are still many cities and even individual homes that get hard water instead. 

Many homeowners with both old and new homes that have access to hard water are frequently suggested to get water softeners. 

Anyone that’s lived in an area with hard water has experienced the negative effects of it, but many modern water softeners end up costing quite a lot of money. So, to help narrow down why exactly the benefits of water softener units outweigh its cost and show you why you should invest in a water softener. 

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What Exactly Is Hard Water?

Hard water, simply put, is essentially the same water as soft water but with higher concentrations of specific minerals. Both hard and soft water are typically clear, making them practically identical. However, hard water often contains far more calcium and magnesium than soft water does. In some cases, studies and research has also shown that the water may also contain iron.

Due to the minerals in it, drinking hard water in moderation is completely safe because they are frequently thoroughly dissolved into the water. Many of these minerals are even needed in the body. 

But the minerals in the water can still have various negative effects on things around your house that you might have already noticed. Additionally, if there’s too high of a concentration of these minerals, drinking and using the water in your home can cause health problems and structural damage.

The Main Water Softener Benefits You Can Get

Though it may seem a bit extra to invest in a whole new water system when hard water is safe to use for drinking and cleaning, many people often find that the advantages make daily life far more comfortable. Hard water may not have any extreme side effects unless it’s been drunk in excess, but the change in lifestyle and quality is often far better.

Cleaning Is Made Much Easier by Soft Water

One of the main problems with hard water is that it often leaves residue. These buildup takes a lot of time, cleaning supplies, and effort to try and remove the limescale that’s left on sinks, tubs, and toilets. Additionally, hard water  contains iron, leaving behind stubborn red stains in its wake. This staining can be challenging to get rid of and needs to be cleaned frequently to avoid more buildup and discoloration.

One of the key benefits of water softener units is how they work. Water softeners are especially great in that they often completely stop these buildups and stains from continuing. The system itself attracts the minerals in hard water and replaces them with the salt content that’s most commonly found in softer water.

Water Softeners Help Give Skin a Bright, Healthy Look

Another common reason in the list of answers to “do I need a water softener” is how you and your family clean up in the shower. Hard water is quite notorious in affecting shampoo and bath soap performance, both of which are frequently negatively impacted by hard water. The ingredients in shampoos and soaps combine with the minerals in the water to leave a residue that can leave you feeling less clean.

Many soap and shampoos also contain some amount of sodium salts. When they combine with the calcium and magnesium molecules in hard water, the shampoos and soaps you use often end up lathering less as well. The same is true of dishwashing and laundry detergents, especially the powdered types.

Softer Water Helps Avoid the Buildup of Minerals in Your Appliances

Appliances like water heaters, washers, and dishwashers can sustain damage from water with a high mineral content. This buildup of limescale and minerals from hard water can clog the filters and pipelines inside these appliances and systems, causing homeowners to invest in more complex solutions repeatedly.

These appliances’ lifespans can often be cut by years, sometimes even in half, just by using hard water. Your expensive and needed appliances would last far longer and breakdown less as a result of investing in a water softener.

Why Do I Need a Water Softener in My Home?

Depending on your lifestyle and where you live, some of the disadvantages of getting a water softener can seem much more impactful. A high quality water softener system can often cost up to $1,000, not including the installation, maintenance and cost for the salt the system needs. 

For families that just bought a new home, the cost can be a deal breaker. Some states may even have specific restrictions put into place, forcing you into a bracket that may cost more.

Additionally, if you find yourself gardening more often, you might find that soft water isn’t the best for your plants and soil. Calcium, iron, and manganese are common minerals in hard water that plants need to grow and do their essential processes like photosynthesis. 

By using a water softener, these minerals are removed. As a result, it’s not suggested to water them with soft water.

However, many people find that the benefits of water softener units are far greater. Many plants still do grow with soft water, and there are many other ways to get the needed minerals to let your plants flourish. Many homeowners frequently place the comfort of their family and themselves first, so investing in a water softener can outweigh its initial cost in the long run. 


Installing water softener can be quite costly at first, especially considering its high installation and maintenance costs. But, when factoring in home comfort and how you can save on all sorts of cleaning items – since you won’t need to use twice as much shampoo and detergent – the cost can be worth it. 

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