Hydro Jetting Services

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A hydro jetter is a trailer mounted unit that scour jets and flushes drain lines. This expensive unit relies on an extreme amount of water pressure to flush build-up down the drain. These units are very effective on lines with a heavy amount of grease build-up and are especially useful for restaurants and apartment complexes. The commercial sewer hydro jetter can be used on kitchen lines as well as the main line.

Phoenix, Arizona is one of the largest cities in America with thousands of restaurants and people using their facilities on a daily basis. Not all the restaurant customers go their to eat food, but to use the establishments “facilities.” These so called patrons can sometimes have no regard for the restaurants facilities and behave however they like, often flushing large amounts of soiled tissues, cigarette butts and other items instead of throwing them in the trash.


Commercial Hydro Jetting Contractor – Unclog Sinks and Toilets

Restaurants that have these problematic disrespectful customers can often suffer clogs, malfunctions and setbacks that can cost the company their reputation or loss of future business. Toilet’s not flushing properly, dirty water overflow with clogged sinks in the restroom. The local business can be rendered unsuitable for use by the authorities and until a professional plumbing company comes to provide the quickest solution to the problem.

Customers will often complain of foul smells in the restroom during their visit to the facility and sometimes will even make a complaint to the department of sanitation or even post a bad online review. In these situations, it is best to have a professional plumber take care of the problem and while traditional methods of unclogging blockages sometimes work, they usually took a long time to complete and were often more trouble than it’s worth with all the toxic chemicals residues left behind. However, a state of the art solution is being used by commercial plumbers in Phoenix, Arizona (Hydro Jetting Services).

Hydro-Jet cleaning is a new state of the art method cleaning using high pressure streams of water to remove debris or build up in tanks and lines using extreme pressure (7000 PSI to 60,000 PSI) instead of typical low powered pressure washers. This new method of power washing can also be used for cleaning streets, driveways, homes, commercial vehicles and more.(1)

A large vehicle is needed to carry the components of these high pressure water systems (water tank, engine, a pump, reel, hose and nozzles). Diamondback Plumbing offers the latest technology and owns their own vehicles that peform this ultra-high pressure service designed for applications like water-jetting, pipe cleaning, and surface preparation.


With the use of our hydro jetting vehicles and professional service, all those nasty clogs and blockages do not have a chance and will be removed directly from the premises in a very short time saving our customers time and money vs. using the traditional methods of cleaning water drain blockages and sewer drains. No matter how big or small the job, our hydro-jet service has helped hundreds of customers in the Phoenix valley fix their drainage problems and can help yours.