4 Common Types of Water Filter Systems

When it comes to the water that we use for cooking, cleaning, and drinking, very few people remember that it’s treated well before it reaches our homes’ faucets. Though this primarily happens in your city’s water filtration plant, many homes also have a special water filter built into their plumbing. 

More often than not, this is because dirt and even bacteria can still enter the water supply after it’s been treated.

One of the main ways that you can maintain your incoming water supply is by using a carbon water filter system. These filters, like most of the other kinds available to be bought, all function in much of the same way. They allow water to pass through and only clean, debris-free water comes out the other end. Each individual filter, though, has its materials and other parts that allow them to be separate from each other.

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Ceramic Filters

If you’re looking into the different kinds of water filters, one great type to consider is a ceramic water filter. As one of the many types of water filters available today on the market, ceramic filters are primarily different in the way that the surface used to separate the clean water from all the debris is ceramic. The result is a surprisingly affordable water filter that can be just as effective as some of the other kinds.

In order to work, these water filters contain a ceramic cartridge that sits on top of a receptacle. Much like the rest of the filter, this cartridge is a sturdy but cost-effective ceramic. The water passes through the cartridge, going through the twists in it that trap any debris and contaminants before coming through the other end much cleaner.

Sediment Mesh Water Filters

Sediment-based filters are another great option in the different types of water filtration systems if you’re looking for ways to clean your home’s water supply. Sometimes referred to as sand and sediment mesh filters, their main purpose is to catch the larger bits of sediment before the water gets to the faucets. As a result, these filters are often referred to as pre-filters due to how and where they’re placed. 

Since the main use is to clean out the larger grains of debris from the water, sediment water filters are typically placed before any other appliance, some even being placed at your home’s point of entry. The water passes through the filter and its mesh as usual, the larger sediments getting trapped much like water through a colander. 

If you know your water supply is clear of harmful bacteria, sediment mesh water filters are a great option.

Reverse Osmosis

One of the more costly but effective options on our list of different types of water filters is the reverse osmosis filter. Since osmosis is what happens when a liquid moves from an area with a weaker concentration to another with a higher area, reverse osmosis can naturally be considered the opposite. However, the process – as well as the water filter itself – requires more energy to move the water to a lower concentrated area.

In order to work, these filters draw on power through a water pump to push the water back through the filter’s semi-permeable membrane. This traps all sorts of dirt and excess salt while also reducing the chance that there are any bacteria in the water. Due to the need for a pump and a collection pipe, though, reverse osmosis water filters tend to be rather expensive.

Carbon Block and Activated Carbon

As mentioned before, one of the more popular kinds of water filters you can get is a charcoal water filter system. Sometimes also called carbon filters or activated charcoal filters, these are the kinds of filters that are also found nearly worldwide. 

These charcoal-based filters are the best at absorbing any pollutants and toxins that might be in the water. Much like the sediment-water filters mentioned earlier, these water filters also contain small granules of carbon or activated charcoal in them. When the water passes through the filter, the charcoal binds to the pollutants, effectively neutralizing them. Additionally, if the filter also contains carbon, any chemicals like chlorine are also removed.

More About Using a Carbon Water Filter System

Also referred to as GAC water filters – or granular activated carbon filters – a carbon water filter system is often filled with small bits of carbon grains and charcoal. GAC filters are frequently used in the water supply filtration process as something called a “polishing filter”. These filters are also used due to them being quite effective at improving the flavor and smell of your home’s drinking water supply.

Carbon and charcoal water filters also come in another type besides the more common GAC water filters. These kinds, aptly named carbon block filters, are essentially the same as the granulated version, with the main fact that the bits of carbon are pressed into a dense filter of their own. The particles are often loose enough to allow water to pass through, allowing the carbon to absorb the toxins.

Due to their main component being small bits of carbon or charcoal, these are the kinds of filters that can be relied on to remove and neutralize many different possible contaminants. Since the taste of tap water can be attributed to small amounts of chlorine and fluoride, carbon water filters are great for removing the taste and smell. Anything that might leach into your water is more than likely to be removed with carbon filters.


These are just a few of the most common types of water filters available to be bought today. Though the primary goal is to remove any debris or toxins from the incoming water supply, how the filter does it and how effective it is can influence whether it’s a good option for certain households. 

If you aren’t sure which one works best for your home, you can contact our team at Diamondback Plumbing for a professional opinion.

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