Why Does Your Water Sometimes Look Dirty, Cloudy Or Have A Funny Color?

Dirty, cloudy or water with a funny color can be discomforting, disappointing, as well as unhealthy. This is more so if you use that water for showering, cooking, or even washing. There could be a number of factors contributing to this, which could require a specialists attention just to ensure safety. Find out some of the factors below:

Water pollution

This could be one of the contributing factors for dirty water with a funny color. The reason for water pollution could be that the source and the water system in your area is polluted. This could as well because of factors such as natural disasters (floods, too much dust), or poor drainage systems, hence there is illegal dumping of waste to the sources of water. In case of a funny smell like that of human waste or even chemicals, you should immediately have your water inspected by a specialist to prevent serious health problems.

Yellow water

In case the color of your water is yellow, it could mean that there is a problem at the water distribution center. It could mean that there are repairs being done on the water system in your area or a nearby fire hydrant has malfunctioned or is in use.

Still, it could mean that your water distribution center is conducting the annual flushing program whereby, they tend to increase the pressure of the water in order to remove the water lines of rust that is loose and fragments that usually get stuck in the lines. In such a case, the water tends to absorb the rust and as a result turn yellow. If the problem is not resolved quickly enough, you can contact your local water distribution for help.

Red water

Red water is as a result of rust and/or minerals contained in the water. Minerals can build up in your plumbing system, especially if your house is a bit old and the pipes are made up of steel and iron. When the underlying steel or iron is exposed off to water after the protective zinc layer is worn out, the galvanized metal will start to rust.

When the rust residue dissolves in water, the color of the water turns to a brown color or yellowish-red. It is good to note that this color in your water can stain your clothes, affect the color and taste of your food as well as furniture. The best solution is to have your pipes replaced with new and non-rusting metal.

Dirty water

This may happen in case the water system in your area has been repaired recently. The residues of dust trapped during the repair will then dissolve in the water making the water dirty. This problem can be resolved through contacting your local area water distribution system.

Green water

Anything to do with green color in the water is as a result of algae that has grown and build up in your pipes. Algae are micro-organisms that can naturally grow in an area where there is a blockage in a filter or a pipe over a time. A professional plumber can help locate where the blockage is and clear the system eliminating the algae.

In addition, when copper dissolves in water, it tends to form a greenish mixture. If the copper in your pipes is wearing out, the copper residue will definitely dissolve in water, forming the green color. It is advisable to address the issue immediately since copper is harmful and can cause serious health problems such as liver or kidney damage to you and your family.

If you are seeking the help of a reliable plumber to ensure that your water is safe for use, do give us a call today.