7 Effective Ways To Prevent Drainage Clogging In Your Kitchen

Having clogged drainage can be a nightmare for many people. The best way to handle such a problem would be to consult a plumber who would not only remove the things causing the blockage but will also give you information regarding what you can change within the plumbing to make sure that problem does not recur. Once you have done this, it would also be wise to change your habits regarding how you use the drain. This way, you can further prevent the problem from happening again. Some of the things you can do include:

Have a tub to collect any grease in the kitchen

One of the commonest reasons why such drainages block is the presence of too much grease within the pipes. If you cook a lot using fat, making sure that you don’t drain the grease into the sink will go a long way in reducing the blockages. You can do this by having a container that you can use to collect such grease right next to your sink. This will make it more convenient to get rid of the grease in the correct manner. This does not have to be very complicated. For instance, if you have just made a large meal and are preparing to clean up, you could use one of the pots as the receptacle for the grease that you collect from all the other utensils.

Use your coffee grounds as mulch, or throw them in the trash

If you are an avid coffee fan, chances are that you will always have coffee grounds left over. It is very tempting to throw them down the drain since they are powder-like and seem like they will just flow through the pipes. However, they can easily get adhered to the grease within the pipes, and progressively block the pipes. If you have a garden, you should consider using them as mulch instead.

Get a drain gate

Another very effective way of handling the problem is by investing in a drain gate. This is a solid screen-like device that is attached to the sink drain. When any water is poured into the drain, the solid matter will be trapped by the gate, and only the liquid will be let through. After doing your dishes, you will only need to remove the drain and then throw the solid matter on it in the trash. It’s a very convenient way of handling the small bits of food left on the dishes.

Thoroughly scrape the food off dishes before doing them

If you regularly do your dishes in the sink, you should make it a habit to get rid of all the tiny food particles on them before washing them. It might seem inconvenient for you to do this if you are not used to it. However, with time, it will become second nature and you won’t have such a huge problem cleaning the dishes.

Run cold water through the system after using your garbage disposal

Having a garbage disposal system can be a very handy way to handle trash in the kitchen. To prevent the clogging of such a system, you should consider running some cold water in your drain for a few seconds after you turn off the garbage disposal system. The goal of doing this is to get rid of any remaining food particles from the system, which greatly reduces the risk of accumulation.

Make it a habit to clean your garbage disposal

Keeping your garbage disposal unit clean is an effective way of preventing clogging. One way to do this is by running some ice cubes in it. This gets rid of any solid matter that might have been attached to the system. In addition to that, it also sharpens the blades, ensuring that future operation is not compromised.

Lastly, you should not neglect any need for repair and maintenance. When you call a plumber to come and fix anything to do with the drainage, also ask them to check the garbage disposal unit. Doing regular maintenance on the unit will reduce the risk of any malfunctions.

If you have to call a plumber to fix the problem, make sure they are trustworthy

The quality of service you get from a plumber when you need to fix such clogs will influence the chances of getting the same problem in the future. Therefore, one way to prevent future clogging is to simply insist on getting a high-quality plumber to fix the current one. If you do so, you might find that you only need to deal with them only once in your lifetime for this purpose.

In summary, there are many things you can do to reduce the risk of a future plumbing blockage. Following these tips will give you peace of mind, and will also reduce the amount of money that you have to spend maintaining the drainage system.

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