8 Things To Consider Before Buying A New Tub

Do you find your tub current unattractive? Is it rusty? Is its porcelain flaking off? Do you want to buy a new one? Getting a new tub is a major project for your home and you have to be sure on the right tub that you should get. Here are few things that you should consider before buying a tub:

The size of the existing tub

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Do you want a bigger tub? Are you considering buying a deeper one as well? You need to know the measurements of your current tub so that you may be able to know what size the new one will be. If your current tub is 30” wide, you may consider buying one which is 32”. If you don’t take the measurements, you may end up buying one which is 40” wide, assuming that it will fit in your bathroom. You need to measure it or hire a professional to take the measurements for you.

Measurements of the existing tub can also help identify the price of the many options in the market. You want to buy a tub that is big, but one which is within your set budget. Remember to also consider depth if you want the new one to be deeper than the existing one.

The side of the drain of the current tub

If you have no plans of changing your tub’s drain location, it is important to make sure that you know the side of the drain of the tub that you have. Drains are not on the same side for all the tubs. A drain can either be on the left, middle, or right side of a tub. You should therefore look at the drain before you go out to shop for a new tub. You don’t want to realize that you bought a tub with a drain on the left side while your current one has a drain on the left. This can be very disappointing. Avoid this by simply taking a closer look at your tub and its drain to be precise.

Tub’s surrounds

It is always a good idea to get rid of the old tub surround if you are changing a tub. A tub’s surround is usually above a tub and is often made of tile or fiberglass. This is the perfect time to get rid of the cracked tiles and have new ones installed. You want your bathroom to have a modern look and this means that you give it an extreme makeover. Can you imagine having a new tub surrounded by faded tiles? You wouldn’t want that. As you change your tub, change its surrounds too.

Tub’s valve

Do you want to change the tub’s valve? It is recommended that if you change a tub you change the valve as well. During the installation of a new tub, the wall is normally open and it is the perfect time to change the valve on the wall. When the tub is replaced, chances are that the wall around it will be removed. You, therefore, need to include a tub valve in your shopping list. A tub valve, small as it may be, is very essential.


During the replacement, walls will be removed and this is inclusive of drywalls as well. If your tub and its surround are being placed, it is most likely that some drywalls will be affected because most tub surrounds normally go directly onto the studs. You should keep in mind of the cost and the work necessary to replace or patch the drywall during the tub replacement.


Are you considering buying a whirlpool tub? If so, you should factor in electricity requirements. The building codes in many locations, call for tub breakers specifically when installing a whirlpool tub. You, therefore, need to have the power to be able to run it. Power is also required for the heater and the pump.


Are you aware of any permits that you need to get? Tub installation is a job that requires a permit. You can get the permit as the owner of the house. Alternatively the contractor or plumber whom you hire to install the tub may get a permit for the project. You need to be aware that a permit is required and remind your plumber to get one just in case he or she forgets to do so.


You should be able to assess the approximate cost of the entire project. You can do this with the help of a professional. You need to know the cost of the tub, the tiles, the fiberglass surround and the installation cost. Do a research on the available options and compare the prices. Get cheaper products which do not compromise quality. You shouldn’t be in a hurry to finish the project. Take your time before purchasing anything.

Above all, remember to engage a professional plumber throughout the process. Hire an expert to take you through the entire project. You might not have enough knowledge of tubs, but a professional does.

Are you looking for a plumber to install your tub? Contact us. Professionalism is our signature trademark. Let us help you create the bathroom of your dreams!

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