How to Fix a Toilet Leaking Around Base

Toilet leaking around the base is not a good sight, and the truth is no one wants to enter the toilets with dry footwear and come out all dampened and soaked. However, leaks or openings in your toilets aren’t something to be scared of.

One good news is that it is possible to restore your toilets to working order or even better by following an efficient guide that lets you take control. You do not necessarily need to find a plumber to do this. This article will look at how to effectively fix a toilet leaking around the base.

Our team at Diamondback Plumbing is happy to provide you with a basic understanding of your plumbing system and teach you some of the best ways to detect and fix leaks at the base of your toilet.

Some of the reasons toilet leaks at the base

Dealing with a toilet leaking around the base when flushed? 

Here are some of the potential causes:

The tee bolts require tightening

The bottom of your toilet is clutched to the ground with bolts commonly referred to as tee bolts. If these bolts become loose, the toilet may start to shake, which can potentially break the seal formed by the unit’s wax ring.

The unit’s wax ring has to be removed and replaced

Usually, wax rings are meant to be removed and reinstalled on a semi-regular basis. This can be due to the rings getting damaged from wear-and-tear over time, which can compromise their overall condition. This indicates that the seal formed by the wax ring isn’t strong enough. Therefore, it results in water leakage through the base of the toilet.

Tools to fix a toilet leaking around the base

Much like clogged toilets, leaky toilets should be fixed immediately. Below are some of the important items that you will need to repair your toilet when it starts to leak out of the bottom.

  •         Rubber gloves

You do not want to take care of water leaking around the base of the toilet with your bare hands. Ensure that you wear rubber gloves before you start working on your leaking toilet.

  •         Wrench

Get an open-ended wrench to take off the components that keep your toilet in place.

  •         Bathroom cleaner

Ensure that you have a toilet cleaner by the side. With that, you can take care of the bacteria and easily clean up accidental messes.

  •         Screwdriver

If you intend to fix a toilet that is fixed tightly to the ground, you will need a screwdriver to unscrew the necessary part and fix the leak properly.

  •         Cordless drill

If removing the components with traditional tools proves to be too difficult, you can use a cordless drill. Cordless drills will come in handy when you need to remove nuts and bolts.

  •         Toilet wax ring

You need this equipment to properly finish the fixing and prevent leaking from happening again.

  •         Hacksaw

Do not expect a toilet that leaks at the base to have perfect bolts, so keep a hacksaw close by so you can properly take care of damaged or stripped bolts.

  •         Caulk

Caulk is needed for resealing any opening around the edge of the toilet.

  •         Plumber putty

Putty is also an important tool and having one makes fixing the toilet so easy and fast since you will most likely be removing the wax ring. 

How to prevent your toilet from leaking from at the base

Step 1: Off the water and disconnect the toilet

If you start to experience toilet leaking around the base when flushed, you can fix it. Start by shutting off the water and disconnecting the toilet. To effectively do this, you also need to flush the toilet using the water in the tank. The intention is to ensure that water is not coming near the toilet while you fix it. So make sure to use a cloth or sponge to remove excess water remaining in the tank and the bowl.

Step 2: Unscrew nuts and bolts

Once there is no water coming in the water, use a strong screwdriver to remove the necessary nuts around the toilet. Then use a reliable wrench to take out the tee bolts located at the toilet’s base.

Step 3: Remove the toilet

Now that you’ve unscrewed the nuts and bolts, it is ready for fixing. Start by removing the toilet seat completely. It is important to be careful here and where you are unsure about lifting it yourself, get help from someone who can.

Step 4: Remove and install the wax ring

Gently scrape off the current wax around the drain with a high-quality putty knife. Then you can install a new wax ring. Place the ring with the cone pointing down towards the drain. Carefully place the bolts in the right positions on each flange side.

Step 5: Reinstall your toilet

Lift up the toilet cautiously and hold it above the drain so the bolts can slide into the holes in the toilet’s base. Gently press the unit onto the wax ring, so the toilet flattens the wax to form a strong seal. Now tighten it properly using your wrench. It is important to ensure that you do not tighten it too hard to prevent cracking the toilet.

Step 6: Connect to the water lines

Once you are done with steps 1-5, reconnect your water supply to the toilet by simply connecting the tube to the valve.

Flush and inspect to know if there’s still leaking around the base of the toilet. Once you’re sure all of the leaks have been dealt with, seal the base of the toilet with caulking. 


Fixing a toilet leaking around the base should not get complicated. However, if you are unsure about doing this yourself, contact the best plumbing company near you to help you fix and restore your toilet to a perfect position.

It is also important to take some time to check the outside of the toilet. For instance, a proper condensation check can prevent you from going through the stress of removing the toilet. You get to fix the toilet easily.

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