Should I Replace My Toilet?

Are you considering replacing your toilet? Is it giving you so much trouble but you are not sure whether to have it repaired r replaced? These may be the questions that you ask yourself everyday when you look at the condition of your toilet.

When a toilet becomes faulty, many people conclude that it needs replacement. Whereas installing a new one is normally the best option to fix this, it is not the only solution that is available. You can repair and spare yourself the extra cost that may be incurred in the new installation. You should therefore be able to know when to repair the toilet and when to replace it.

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Here are some common problems that you may have encountered that indicate that you need to replace your toilet entirely:

Frequent repairs are warranted

If your toilet requires too many repairs, then you should consider replacing it instead. If the flapper, the handle and fill valve are not working well, repairing them will be more costly compared to just having a new one installed. You might think that repairing each of the parts is cheaper but that is not the case. You should be able to compare the replacement cost and the repair cost. If you do so, you will surprised to find out the repair cost is far much higher.

Therefore, if you had plans to repair your toilet in the near future, reconsider doing so and replace it. You will save a lot of money in the long run even though it might be expensive to install. Make a smart decision and replace your toilet.

It has hideous scratches

How long do you take to clean your toilet? Have you noticed any scratches on the surface of your toilet? If yes, get a new toilet. A toilet that is easily scratched on the surface is very difficult to maintain. The scratches can be a result of the daily scrubbing. It requires a thorough cleaning on a daily basis. It takes at least 20 minutes to clean a toilet with scratches. You probably have realized that you are always late for work because you spend so much time scrubbing the toilet every morning.

You can change this situation around. If you find that cleaning your toilet is taking too much of your time than it should be, replace it. With a new one, you wouldn’t have to give it so much attention because it will only require basic maintenance. You wouldn’t wish to miss a business meeting because of a toilet, so replace it.

It clogs often

Does your toilet clog every day? Do you always have to call a plumber to unclog it every weekend? Do you have to flush it three times? If this is the case, then replacing your toilet is the best alternative that you have.

Toilets which have recurring clogs are hard to fix. This clogging implies that the toilet is not functioning well and it has become old. You know what happens when things in the house become old, don’t you? You simply get new ones. You should do the same with the old toilet.

You probably have an old low-flush toilet that you installed a decade ago. Low flush toilets have to be flushed several times. This is because they are normally plugged into random stoppages. It is not advisable to plunge into your toilet regularly. If all you do is plunge your toilet daily, then it is high time that you have a plumber install a modern one. A modern flush toilet will save your water since you will only need to flash it once. Your monthly water bill will go down by almost half of what you normally pay. Install a new toilet and save that extra dollar.

It has cracks

If your toilet is has many cracks, then replace it. Although the cracks may be small they can be very dangerous. You wouldn’t wish to wake and find that your whole apartment is flooded. You need to regularly inspect the toilet’s tank and bowl for any minor cracks when you are cleaning it.

Don’t underestimate any cracks, no matter how tiny they. If you spot cracks, then be aware that you need to replace your toilet before the cracks break completely. If there are cracks at the bowl, the replacement is not that urgent, but you should keep checking it every day just to be sure that water does not leak when you flush. Unnoticed leakages can be a nightmare.

Now that you have known the indicators of a toilet which needs to be replaced, you might probably want to replace yours. Hire us to install a new one for you. We are experts who do bathroom plumbing repair and service in Phoenix and surrounding areas. Quality service is guaranteed. Contact us today!

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