Why Are My Toilets Constantly Getting Clogged?

It is a common problem to experience clogging in your toilet and the easy solution is to have an expert plumber to unclog it for you. Sometimes, however, the normal routine of plumbing may not be the ultimate solution. In fact, it may result to more serious issues being hidden and therefore, continually worsening the condition of your toilet. It is thus more preferable to know the source of the clogging problem or in other words, why your toilet clogs. Here are some major causes:

Excess use of the toilet paper

Toilet paper is supposed to be used in the toilet and for toilet purposes. However, even though the toilet paper is okay for toilet flushing, when used in excess it could result to toilet clogging. This problem will mostly affect those who love using excess toilet papers while in the toilet. Therefore, if you want to avoid clogging, just try to use enough toilet paper.

Inadequate water supply

A normal toilet that is used for normal purposes requires about five gallons of water for each flash. Inadequate water supply to your toilet will result to weak flush that will not be able to pass the waste through the pipes successfully. Such a condition will result to the waste materials gradually building up in the toilet pipes causing the toilet to clog. Therefore, make sure that your toilet has an adequate supply of water.

Deposits from the hard water

If you use the hard water in your home, it is very possible for the hard minerals to build up scale along the toilet pipes. If the scale continues to build up over time, it will definitely affect the flushing of your toilet. To resolve this, you can use the muriatic acid solutions, which will help reduce the number of minerals built up in your toilet water and make it flush better.

Flushing of inappropriate materials

The recommended materials that should be flushed in a toiled are the human waste and the standard amount of toilet paper. Any other type of material such as dirty water, paper towels, and hair is likely to cause your toilet to clog because only human waste can be managed by a flushing toilet.

When the toilet drain line is blocked

This is the ultimate cause of clogging in your toilet. When the drain line of your toilet is blocked, the water supply is affected too whereby, it is cut off from the septic tank of the sewage system. As a result, the tank will not be able to get the water to fill it up and therefore, flushing will not be possible. You can use the plumber snake to unblock the drain line, or seek a professional plumber’s help.

Grease in the bathroom sinks

Grease in your bathroom sinks has an indirect but still a significant effect on your toilet. This is because, when you pour grease in your kitchen sink, it hardens the pipes and drainage lines. As a result, the drainage lines will not allow adequate supply of water to the tank of your toilet. The effect is that your toilet will not flush properly. To overcome this problem, you can look for other alternative ways to dispose of the grease rather than pouring it in your sinks.

The above are just a few of the main causes of clogging in your toilet. Knowing these causes will help you prevent the clogging rather than just resolve it. As seen earlier, treating the issue is more expensive. That’s why to avoid a toilet clog in Scottsdale, remember to get regular plumbing maintenance services from a reliable plumbing company!

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