Sewer Line Cleaning & Repair

We get drains cleaned fast! Diamondback plumbing carries 3 different drain and sewer cleaning machines on every service vehicle for any size clog and most drains we have cleared within one hour and no one beats our drain cleaning rates that we charge.

All of the Diamondback Plumbing service trucks and vans come full stocked with plumbing repair parts, fixtures, drain cleaning equipment and if needed a hydro jetter trailer mount for high pressure scour jetting to flush your whole system. We use the best processes and latest state-of-the-art equipment to perform our task effectively and efficiently. We want to provide you the best possible service and get the job done right the first time.

We have built a solid reputation providing all of our customers with the best possible sewer drain cleaning service at competitive prices. This reputation has been built on over 20 years of customers having a great experience with Diamondback Plumbing and they keep coming back for any plumbing needs and concerns they have. We specialize in different plumbing services including sewer line repair and installation. Our technicians have experience dealing with sewer line problems in various situations like under concrete, landscaped yards, and housing structures. No plumbing job is too small or big for our licensed technicians.

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Reasons You May Need Sewer Line Repair

Your sewer lines are important to your plumbing systems functionality. Therefore, sewer line issues like a pipe leak or burst pipe need to be fixed as soon as possible. In these cases, you should contact a reliable plumbing company like Diamondback Plumbing for a fast and cost-effective sewer line repair. Our on-call licensed technicians can fix various sewer line problems including:

  • Corrosion
  • Pipe bursting
  • Ground thaws and freezes
  • Leaking
  • Backups

Call Diamondback Plumbing to avail our repair, replacement and preventive maintenance services.

Repair and Replacement of Your Sewer Line

Diamondback Plumbing can also help you with other plumbing problems aside from clogged drains. We offer different sewer services like main sewer line repair, replacement, and cleaning to fix these problems:

  • Cracked, broken, collapsed, or offset pipes – Some factors like settling, frozen ground, and shifting soil can move your pipes out of their original positions and in the process damage them.
  • Corrosion – Corroded pipes not only affect the water quality coming into your home, the corrosion can also damage and crack the pipes.
  • Blockage – It happens when a foreign material or grease buildup restricts or stops the water from your drains from flowing into the sewer line.
  • Bellied pipe – It occurs when the soil or ground conditions destroy a part of your pipe. A bellied pipe will form a valley that may accumulate wasted water.
  • Leaky joints – If the seals connected the pipe joints erode it will provide a space where water can seep out.
  • Tree roots in the sewer line – The roots of bushes and trees in your garden or front yard can wrap around the sewer lines, and after some time they can actually crack the pipes.
  • Off-grade pipe – This issue is a result of using low-quality pipes. You should refrain from using these pipes because they are prone to corrosion or deterioration.

Our technicians are experts in using advanced plumbing technologies and equipment. Also, we are true experts in sewer line repair and replacement.


Sewer Line Cleaning

Clogged sewer drains will trigger serious issues in your home. Food particles, hair, and other substances may cause clogging of your pipes, preventing the dirt and water from passing through. If there’s a clog in the drain, the waste water will remain stagnant in your drain pipes, which will not only cause a nasty smell in your home, but it can also severely damage the pipes.

If you suspect clogging in your sewer drain, you should stop using your plumbing system and call us to clean or repair the clogged sewer drain. Do not use your washing machine or flush your toilet. Also, do not attempt fixing the problem on your own as it can only worsen the issue. Instead, search for an expert in sewer line cleaning as the process will involve the following:

  • Traditional Sewer Line Repair

Sewer line repair is often carried out using the “trench” or “open cut” method. By using this method, plumbers will get access to the region surrounding the damaged part of your pipe. Our team will use a backhoe to open and refill the work zone.

  • Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Sewer line repair or replacement does not mean we need to destroy your yard, driveway, or parking space. Our licensed technicians use the trenchless sewer line repair method because it leaves less damage compared to traditional sewer line repair methods. Trenchless sewer line repair is the next step in excellent sewer maintenance with less impact on the environment.

  • Pipe Relining

Our team will fix the broken sewer pipes through forming a “pipe inside a pipe” to restore your system’s flow and function. The epoxy relining substances applied in the pipes will form a smooth new interior wall. Pipe relining will fix root-damaged pipes, holes, and seal cracks. Relining is also suitable for repairing mislaid seal joint and pipe connections in roof gutter pipes, storm lines, and beneath the concrete. The relined pipe is sturdy and seamless, and our team makes it more efficient by using non-hazardous materials in pipe relining.


To get any of our plumbing services, contact us or book online using our quick service request form. Our certified technicians are ready to serve you at any time as we offer emergency 24-hour service in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and other nearby areas. Our team members are on-call and available to work even on holidays and weekends.

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