What Are The Different Types Of Sewer Cleaning Tools?

You might be wondering how professional plumbers can help you with your sewer drain concerns. One thing that they do in order to deliver what you expect from them is to undergo training where they can acquire expertise in their chosen field. Additionally, they make use of the best equipment in order to help you out with your concerns. Equipment wise, professional plumbing and sewer cleaning requires the use of any or a combination of the following cleaning tools.


Sewer cleaning companies always find a camera handy in doing their jobs. This tool may be totally optional but with the help of a camera, they will be able to clearly inspect the problem and where the blockage is actually taking place. This will then lead them to positively remove any residue or particle that may have caused the heavy build up in your pipes and sewers. With the aid of a camera, these professionals will be able to use the best clog removal techniques as well as give them a better view of whether pipes need to be replaced or not.

Hydrojet equipment

Hydrojet equipment is perfect for the sewer cleaning method called hydrojetting. The tool is used in the process with the help of highly pressurized water coming out from them. That same water would be used to remove any contaminant that may have been clogging the sewers and the pipes as well as all other plumbing lines. They can even help remove sand, gravel, tree roots and even toilet paper from your sewers. The equipment carries out the job in a fast manner thus allowing your sewer to get back to its normal work.


This semi-rigid cable is also a good way to get rid of anything that blocks the pipe. It is commonly inserted into the pipe so that it can push any contaminant or in order to catch a blockage that gets out of the pipe once the rod is pulled out. Rodders are available in different types. One is the tape rod which is the most basic of all rods. This is coil-shaped and has a plug or ball on its end.

Closet auger

This sewer cleaning tool is regarded as one of the most useful among all plumbing tools any homeowner can purchase for the home. This has a spring cable whose end contains a self-feed auger head with the other end of it containing its handle. This works the same way as that of the rod but is commonly used for handling stoppage inside a toilet bowl. Its flexible springs, however, can cause a problem since these can make the auger bend and not reach all other areas in the sewer where blockage or contaminants are found.

Kinetic water ram

This tool works the same way as that of a hydrojet. The only difference is that the hydrojet depends on the use of pressurized water whereas the kinetic water ram makes use of compressed air to loosen up any clog. This useful tool can be utilized in your laundry tubs, kitchen sinks, floor drains, showers, bathtubs and lavatories. Since this tool makes use of compressed air, expect that it may cause any fixture to break when improperly handled. It would be wise to read the manual carefully before using it.

Sink auger

As the name implies, this tool can be used in any form of sink from your kitchen sinks to your lavatories. This is made of a flexible cable coiled inside a canister. Like the closet auger, it also makes use of a self-feeding auger. In order to make this tool work, the canister has to be connected to a handle. It also has a knob, the part that can be used in turning the tool and in pulling out the blockage.

Grappler hook

If you are dealing with solid debris in your drain or sewer then the grappler hook can help you retrieve those particles. This helps deal with bottles, cans and even rocks so that the drain will definitely be cleaned.

There are indeed several types of tools that you can purchase in order to get out the clog out of your sewer lines. Each has a special function thus you have to make sure that you are familiar with such functions before making use of them. You must be ready to read the product manual before actually trying any of the tools on your sewers. Definitely this is not an easy job to do on your own.

With this said, we recommend that you just hire the help of professional plumbers who make use of the same tools that are best suited for your sewer and plumbing problems. They can handle any concern when it comes to sewer cleaning in the most successful way possible. You can rely on them even with the toughest sewer cleaning job.

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