Are You Aware That Plumbers Also Offer These Services?

Everyone knows a little bit about plumbers. They are the professionals that make some of the most troublesome plumbing problems go away. When you have problems with your drainage system or faulty appliances such as your water heater, you probably pick up the phone and give these guys a call. However, are you aware that there is much more to plumbing than this? You might be surprised to find out the range of services plumbers offer. Check out some of the services that plumbers offer. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow you might be in need of their services!



HVAC means heating, ventilation and air conditioning. It is a technology used both in vehicles and houses whose main aim is to provide thermal comfort and air quality wherever it is used.

• Ventilation. This is the process of changing the air contained in a certain space or room in order to get high indoor air quality. Ventilation also involves control of the temperature, smoke, heat, dust and any other factors that may be a hindrance to the indoor quality of air. It promotes exchange of air in and out of a building and once the air enters the building, ensures it circulates the building effectively. Plumbers are qualified personnel to fix problems that might exist with ventilation in any room.

• Heating. Heaters are electrical appliances that are designed to generate heat within a building. This can be achieved by several means. In a central heating system, there is a boiler or a heat pump that is used to heat water or air in a certain room within a building. This generated heat is then transferred to other rooms within that building by several different means.

• Air conditioning. The main purpose of an air conditioning system is to cool the air in contained in a certain space while at the same time provide humidity control. Normally, air conditioned buildings have sealed windows because outside air can interfere with the work of an air conditioner. They work by sucking in air from outside via a vent located outside of the air conditioned building. This air is then drawn into an indoor heat exchange section where it can be manipulated by the user according to their desire. Air conditioning is done through the removal of heat. This is done through scientific processes such as radiation, convection and conduction.


Plumbing means much more than just changing toilets and fixing sinks. It covers a wide range of services offered by plumbers. Here are more services that plumbers offer:

• Leak detection and fixing. If you have ever had a leaky fault in your house, you probably know it is not a desirable position to be in especially if it is visible. It can degrade the appearance of your home not to mention it can be a hazard if the leak comes into contact with electricity. If you have a leaky toilet, it can also be the source of water borne diseases. Plumbers are normally able to detect and fix any leak in your house.

• Septic services. Water tanks can be a little tricky to maintain in terms of cleanliness and complications if the situation goes on long enough. Plumbers clean your tanks for you using chemicals that are proven to be safe for use. If you don’t know whether your septic system requires cleaning, contact a professional. A septic system inspection is done.

• Drainage of a flooded basement. This is one of the most dreaded house disaster. There are so many reasons why you should immediately get a plumber if you have this problem. Flooded basements can be the breeding ground of a lot of animals and pests, it can be a physical and health not to mention that it is highly undesirable. If it is possible for you to determine the source of the water, shut it off immediately and seek the services of a plumber.

• Wrong water pressure. Did you know that plumbers can also adjust the pressure of the water in your home? If the water pressure in your building is too high and you need it toned down a bit or if you don’t mind adding a little pressure to it, consider calling a plumber. A lot residential areas are hooked to a water line with a pressure of about 40 psi, a plumber can link your house to a water supply line of a higher pressure if that is what you require or a lower pressure if you want to tone it down.

Now you probably know a little more about plumbers than you originally know. If you need help with plumbing in Phoenix, contact us. We are happy to help you 24/7. We also offer plumbing services in Mesa, Scottsdale and surrounding areas of Phoenix. Call us if you have questions or need our services.

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