How To Spot A Leak

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Leaks can happen all the way from a leaking faucet to a main slab water leak. Many leaks can damage a home and be costly for a homeowner if not spotted right away!

There are a few steps that can be followed to prevent a leak from turning into something serious.
  • Make sure no water is running in the home, then check to see if the water meter ‘dial’ is moving. (usually located outside the home at the property line) If it is still moving when everything is turned off then there is either a leak or water running somewhere.
  • Look for any obvious water spots ranging from the ground to the ceiling.
  • Some leaks will make a slight noise almost like a hissing sound of water running.
  • You should also shut the water off at the house main valve then go to the city meter and see if the meter ‘dial ‘ is moving or if it has stopped. (This will help determine if you have a leak from them meter to the house or inside the house.)

Be aware when approaching a leak of any type. Many leaks can turn into big problems and jack up a persons water bill if not diagnosed by the right person for the job. It is always recommended that a professional is called out for any leaks to diagnose and fix them before they create any more problems! Looking for a Phoenix plumber to fix a leak call Diamondback today! We specialize in AZ Leak Detection for over 20 years. Always make sure you are getting some ballpark costs/estimates before choosing a company – if a company cant give you some typical scenario cost you may want to steer away from them.


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