Water Softeners Can Prevent Plumbing Damage

The type of water that is made up of complex structures or in other words, not easily broken down compounds is usually referred to as the hard water. These complex structures are usually minerals such as magnesium and calcium that are not easily decomposed. You should know that these hard minerals usually have a lot of effects, one being health problems.

The plumbing system is another area that is highly affected by hard water. This is because these complex components of the water stick on the pipes and other metallic appliances affecting their functioning and durability. However, there are some simple measures you can apply that will help you overcome this problem.

Soften the water

You can soften the hard water effects by ensuring a regular checkup on your household plumbing by a qualified plumber. This will prevent the pipes from blocking and also protect the lifespan and durability of other metallic equipment that you have.

Another way is to install a water softener in your plumbing system. The softener has its own chemicals, which it releases into the hard water to fight and soften magnesium and calcium. It is worth noting that the water softener contains sodium, which is not safe for your health. Therefore, it is recommended to have another pipe for untreated water that can be used for drinking, cooking, and other applications.

Clogging the pipes

Hard water has adverse effects on your plumbing system. One of them is the gum built along the pipes by the minerals in the water. As the gum continues to build, the amount of water flowing along the pipe will be reduced. As a result, the pressure increases, which in most cases leads to the pipes bursting and hence leakage.

Another effect of the gum is a threat to your health. When the gum builds along the pipes, it creates a good environment for bacteria to grow to create a biofilm. Biofilm harbors bugs that as a result cause noxious illnesses like legionnaire’s disease.

Clogging of your pipes as you have now learned is neither safe nor healthy for you and your family. It is therefore important to take precautionary measures such as regular maintenance of your plumbing system and other metallic appliances and also use of the water softener.

Your appliances are at risk

Yes, they are! As you now know, hard water is made up of complex structured minerals like magnesium and calcium. The reason it is called hard water is that these structures or in other terms the compounds of magnesium and calcium are not easily broken down. It is also good to know that hard water is mostly found in areas that are rich in limestone, which is a sedimentary rock.

As you have learned, these minerals build up along your plumbing system and appliances forming a substance called scale. When the scale builds up in your appliances, let’s say a heater tank, it results in a process called insulation. Insulation is the process whereby, more energy than usual is required to heat up the water to the required temperature. In your case, the heater will take more time as well as consume more energy to heat up the water. Another effect of scale is that it will lead to leakage and ineffective valves in your appliances.

Further, it is not easy to use soap in hard water. It is usually difficult for the soap to form lather. As a result, your washing machine and dishwasher become ineffective in their performance while your dishes and clothes are not as clean as you may prefer.

If your plumbing system and other appliances are among those affected by this hard mineral water, you can contact us and get the best services for plumbing in Phoenix.


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